Related sites that I enjoyed very much and that have been very stimulative to my work.

Roger Marmion’s site:
Roger has acquired a fine collection of small aircraft gas turbines (APUs) as well as a DIY turbocharger engine.

Mark Nye’s site:
Mark has done a lot of experimenting with small and medium sized gas turbines (one of his burns wood !) and also some real-world applications (though possibly a little extreme ;-).

Paul Jackson’s site:
Paul gives a lot of useful information on model aircraft engines, especially KJ66, JPX T240 and Phoenix. He maintains one of the most complete collections of links to similar pages.

Ian Bennett’s site:
I consider this as probably the best site on small commercial gas turbines on the whole web. Ian also gives a very detailed description of his turbocharger turbine as well as some information on model aircraft engines. A fine collection of links, too.

Wilson Logan has a lot of fine pictures of different turbine engines, aircrafts and components, taken at the “Deutsches Museum”, Munich, on his web site.
Have a look at Jim has got a nicely restored GTP30-67, mounted on a test rig. He’s considering to put his engine into a professional “ride-on” lawn mower. Also he has got several Solar T-62T-32 units.


I might complete this list later, but I think with the links included in these pages, one will find all the others... ;-) ...just a little bit too lazy to figure out all the URLs.